Services Offered by AM Drone Services


Inspection Services

AM Drone Services takes the worry out of difficult inspection situations that tend to place workers in harm’s way. Just a few examples include using our services for thermal and heat inspection purposes at refinery vessels, powerline and flare stack inspection and more. This gives energy producers an entirely new – and much safer – methodology for locating thermal deficiencies and leakage.


From surveying construction sites to quickly assessing progress from high above, drones provide the ultimate in time and cost savings. Photos and videos can be used as marketing tools to get future customers excited about the finished project – be it a new petrochemical unit, papermill expansion, apartment complex, shopping center or professional sporting venue.


Real Estate

Drone video and photography is quickly establishing itself as the visual tool of choice for real estate professionals. With the ability to equally capture from high above both an entire property for sale and the surrounding neighborhoods, to showcasing every room and detail inside, potential buyers will find themselves immersed in a new era of virtual tours. It is also a great option to provide homebuyers who are unable to physically attend an open house.

Roof Inspections

For both commercial and residential industries, our drones minimize the potential for serious bodily injury by inspecting areas of roofs previously only accessible by ladder and human. Our service is able to complete inspections under various poor weather conditions – such as extreme heat and moderate wind – that otherwise would make surveillance incredibly dangerous for homeowners and workers alike.

Aerial Photography

We provide a bird’s-eye view, high-resolution photos and 4K Ultra HD videos for land-use planning, surveys and environmental studies.


Surveys and Maps

Our services specialize in aerial mapping for crop management that results in the pinpointed data and information you need to analyze crop health or other hydrological features. From 2D overhead maps (also known as orthomosaics) to 3D models, each features a fast turnaround time in producing the quality imaging you desire.